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Journal Articles

Incentivizing School Attendance in the Presence of Parent-Child Information Frictions (with Damien de Walque). 2023. World Bank blog. VoxDev column.  American Economic Journal: Economic Policy,15 (3): 256-85.

Individual Consumption in Collective Households: Identification Using Repeated Observations with an Application to PROGRESA (with Senay Sokullu). 2022. Journal of Applied Econometrics, 37(2), 286-304.

Primary Education Expansion and Quality of Schooling. 2019. Economics of Education Review 73:101913.

Population Policy: Abortion and Modern Contraception are Substitutes (with Grant Miller). 2016. Demography,  53(4), 979-1009.

Do the Maths: An analysis of the gender gap in mathematics in Africa (with Andy Dickerson and Steve McIntosh). 2015. Economics of Education Review, 46:1-22.

Civil Conflict, Gender-Specific Fetal Loss, and Selection: A new test of the Trivers-Willard Hypothesis. 2015 . Journal of Health Economics, 39:31-50.

Access to Abortion, Investments in Neonatal Health, and Sex Selection: Evidence from Nepal. 2014. Journal of Development Economics, 107:225-243.

Education and Civil Conflict in Nepal. 2014. World Bank Economic Review, 28(2), pp. 354–383.

Household Returns to Land Transfers in South Africa: A Q-squared analysis. 2011. Journal of Development Studies, 47(2), pp. 354-375.

The Puzzle of Muslim Advantage in Child Survival in India (With Sonia Bhalotra and Arthur van Soest). 2010. Journal of Health Economics, 29(2), pp. 191-204.

The Food (In)Security Impact of Land Redistribution in South Africa: Microeconometric evidence from national data. 2009. World Development, 37( 9), pp. 1540-1553.

Selected Research Reports

Family Planning and Fertility Behavior: Evidence from Twentieth Century Malaysia. (With Kimberly Singer Babiarz, Jiwon Lee, Grant Miller and Tey Nai Peng). 2017. CGDev Working Paper 470.

Family Planning and Women’s Empowerment: Incentive Effects and Direct Effects among Malaysian Women (With Kimberly Singer Babiarz, Jiwon Lee, Grant Miller and Tey Nai Peng). 2017. CGDev Working Paper 471. Media Coverage: The Economist ; Malay Mail


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