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Working Papers

Subjective Expectations and Demand for Contraception (with Grant Miller and Aureo de Paula). Policy Briefing. Revisions requested by the Journal of Econometrics.

Saving Neonatal Lives at Scale: Lessons for Targeting (with Hans H. Sievertsen and Mahesh C. Puri). This supersedes a paper circulated under the title "Saving Neonatal Lives for a Quarter". Submitted.

Are Self-Reported Fertility Preferences Biased? Evidence from Indirect Elicitation Methods (with Wen Qiang Toh, Inuwa Jalingo, Aurélia Lépine, Aureo de Paula, and Grant Miller). Draft available upon request.

Women's (and Men's) Probabilistic Beliefs about Contraception and Contraceptive Use in a High-Fertility Environment (with Grant Miller, Bintu Ibrahim Abba and Aureo de Paula). Draft available upon request.

Minimum Wages, Education, and Inter-generational Inequality (with Luyang Chen and Hans H. Sievertsen). Draft coming soon.

Selected Work in Progress

Poverty Traps and Female Labor Force Participation, with Ragui Assaad, Adam Osman and William Parienté. Status: Intervention completed. Endline survey underway. AEARCTR-0009041

Perceived Risk of Pregnancy and Demand for Contraception, with Aureo de Paula and Grant Miller. Status: Intervention underway. AEARCTR-0012993

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